Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 1

So… The 1st of August finally came and each and every one of us was super excited about this long-waited event. The national groups met at the airport and eventually left their home countries. When we arrived in Germany, we were greeted by the friendly organizer, Hubert Simon who then took us to our temporary home for the following 3 weeks.

When we arrived, it was awkward because we were a little scared of meeting new people (40 of them). As the time passed, we learnt some things about every participant. We realized we were all here for the same reason — to make a difference (and of course, to have fun). The hostel staff welcomed us with a wide smile on their faces which made us feel like we’re at home. After that, we had our first dinner which brought us closer because we were all sitting at the tables with people from different countries.

In the evening, we had some creative games that were about introducing ourselves. It was fun doing it and it helped us feel more comfortable with sharing in front of ‘strangers’.

For now, that’s all from us. We promise we’ll keep you updated about every single thing happening here!
 Best wishes,
 Your daily CAMPUS15 reporters.

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