Sunday, August 20, 2017

Long time no see... Reunion Day #1

After a long time...

Hey, guys! Hope you've missed us, cause if you did - this is definitely your lucky day. After a whole year it was finally time for us to get reunited. Sadly some of us couldnt make it. Anyway we will make sure they are part of our everyday activities and of course our memories. So today was our first day! The first to arrive was the Bosnian team hosted by the Croatian participants. The Albanian and Montenegrin team met in Podgorica, and after 18 hours of traveling they met the German team, and together with the Serbian team arrived in the "Student Dormitory" in Vukovar. We waited for the Polish team so we could finally all be together. Božo, Tom and Marija introduced us to the new teamers, Iga from Poland, Ljubiša from BiH and Nikola from Montenegro. After the long trips and the high temperatures, we were very exhausted - but that was no reason for us to skip pool time! We went to our rooms and  changed into our swimming suits, and together with Tom, Ljubiša and Iga we went to the local pool near the dormitory. We had a lot of playing ball games and splashing water around. As we are known to always be hungry we got so excited for dinner time. We finished our spaghetti Bolognese and then all went out to play name games with Iga and Marija for the new teamers to get to know us. Even though we know each other very well now we still messed everything up and it was so funny and we had an amazing time. As much as we were enjoying our time, at some point we just fell asleep around the lounge. It was an unforgettable first day. We had fun, we played games, but most importantly - we were really happy that we were reunited after being apart for such a long time. We know that just like us you are looking forward into our journey so we promise that from now on you'll hear from us everyday. See you tomorrow💋


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